About Us

Zwaanswyk High School is bordered by Tokai and Bergvliet in the Southern Constantiaberg Valley region. 75% of the learners are drawn from the Retreat, Lavender Hill and Steenberg area and the school thus serves a multi-cultural and multi-social community.

Zwaanswyk High School has been committed to technology for some time and has offered Computer Studies HG and Information Technology to learners from surrounding schools who do not offer these subjects. Learners who made use of this opportunity did these subjects as a seventh or eighth subject after school hours and the lessons took place in Zwaanswyk’s own 25 PC laboratory, established in 2000.

The school increased their technology arsenal in 2006 with the purchase of an Electronic Interactive Whiteboard.

Interest thus aroused, Zwaanswyk High School decided to dig deep and in 2007 they invested in an upgrade to their computer laboratory.  They purchased 35 new PCs to replace the old and outdated ones. Khanya provided a new server for the upgraded laboratory and mindset its prerequisite satellite dish were also supplied and installed. In addition, Zwaanswyk also purchased three data projectors and an LCD screen with a DVD player that allows educators in learning areas other than computers to use ICT for curriculum delivery.

A second computer laboratory has now been established and the older PCs have been placed there. All learning areas will have access to this facility and it is also here that they will have access to Mindset.

Technology has been actively used for some time at Zwaanswyk High and most educators have a fairly competent level of computer literacy. However, aside from the computer related learning areas, it has not really been used for curriculum delivery in the past.